Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just for the beauty of the words

Gore Vidal, a wonderful shaper of words. Even when you don't agree with him, his writing is so beautiful you just nod your head in admiration. This is the start of one of his essays, for no other reason than I think it is wonderfully well-written.

Should the human race survive the twentieth of those wondrous centuries since shepherds quaked at the sight of God's birth in a Middle Eastern stable (all in all, a bad career move), our century will be noted more for what we managed to lose along the way than for what we acquired. Although the physical sciences took off, literally, and some rightly stuffed American men with nothing much to say lurched about the moon, sublunary population was allowed to get out of control to such an extent that much of the earth's good land was covered with cement in order to house the new arrivals while the waters of the globe are now so poisoned that on the just and the unjust alike pale acid rain everywhere softly falls. As we get more people, we lose 'amenities' of every sort.

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