Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Munoz again

A lot of stuff about Juan Munoz at the moment because the retrospective at Tate Modern starts this week. There's a particularly good feature in today's Guardian by Adrian Searle who was a friend of Munoz's.

Searle suggests a comparison with Beckett: 'Pressed about whether the stasis of his figures had anything to do with Samuel Beckett, [Munoz]once angrily replied: "My work is about a man in a room, waiting for nothing; it has no relation to Beckett." Except, of course, it did.' I have to say, I hadn't considerered any such similarity but I suppose, when you think about it, that sense of disconnection is there.

The article also suggests that the Double Bind exhibition from Tate Modern in 2001 could be revived in Spain. I would love to go and see that again. Whether it would work outside the cavernous space of Tate Modern is a moot point, but nonetheless I would pay to go and see it. And I shall be at the Tate Modern retrospective very soon.

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