Thursday, June 26, 2008

Modern politics

More from Keith Ansell-Pearson's study of Nietzsche:
For Nietzsche, modern politics is characterized by an attitude of moral hypocrisy among those who wield political power. Instead of having the strength and courage to stand up and be independent, to have the will to command and rule, they choose instead to hide their impotence behind slogans such a ‘servants of the people’ and ‘instruments of the common weal’.

One wonders what he would have made of today's politics, with its gutless 'focus groups' and endless drivel about 'entering into a dialogue' and 'listening to the people'. The fact that the politicians don't even believe any of this rubbish, they're just doing it to a. not make any mistakes; and b. be seen to be attentive; merely adds to the contempt with which they should be treated.

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