Monday, September 29, 2008

The selling of the family assets

In principle, I'm pretty much in favour of cosmopolitanism and I'm in favour of the European Union, because I think nationalism is a disease which causes much harm. But recent events give cause to stop and question.

Much of the infrastructure of British life is now controlled by foreign companies. Banking, energy, travel, you name it, there are major foreign interests with controlling stakes. Now, these countries are, in the main, European allies and there is therefore little cause for concern, wouldn't you say?

Yet Austria has just seen far-right parties poll a third of the votes. Italy is lurching frighteningly close to a resumption of fascism. The world turns quickly. Who is to say what the political make-up of France or Spain or the Netherlands, countries where companies who own large sections of the UK infrastructure are based, may be like in five or ten or twenty years time?

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