Monday, September 29, 2008

What they teach

I guess the universities have gone back, because the google requests that lead people to this blog are, suddenly, overwhelmingly on the subject of "heart of darkness" +racism.

I've always had a lot of hits regarding this, because I've written about it at length. It infuriates me that, seemingly, the only bloody thing they teach students about this book is its alleged racism. This is a monumental book, a study of the depths of humanity and the touching of evil. It is profound and difficult. It requires reading and re-reading.

And yet our schools, colleges and universities peddle the same trite argument over and over, as if this is the most significant thing about the book. Achebe was wrong. This book is not racist. That should be the end of the discussion. Students should be directed to the real themes of the novel, because that is where they might learn something about the human condition. Instead, they continue to google about its racism and find their way to this blog.

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