Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Michael McGoldrick

Went to a terrific concert last night with Mike McGoldrick and his band. I’ve seen Mike play in lots of different guises over the years and he’s always great value – an immensely talented musician. Even so, I’ve often found it lacks variety. He rarely employs a singer and the flute/whistle based music can get repetitive.

But last night was marvellous. Of course, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, but even so last night was something else. At the start of the second half, for the first six tunes he played: uillean pipes, bouzouki, low whistle, flute and voice (yes, he actually sang, which I’ve never heard before), mandolin, wooden flute. I lost track after that. The result was a brilliant, varied set which just zapped along at a hell of a lick. And even Mike McGoldrick, master musician, had to admit defeat in the encore when he couldn’t keep up with the pace set by John Jo and Ed.

Not sure where else they're playing on the tour, but if you can, go along and see them. It’s a brilliant night out.

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