Friday, October 24, 2008

The young man digests everything

From Art is in danger, a dadaist manifesto by George Grosz, 1925, showing that there's nothing new under the sun...

Formal revolution lost its shock effect a long time ago. The modern citizen digests everything; only the money chests are vulnerable. Today's young merchant is not like his counterpart in Gustav Freytag's times: ice-cold, aloof, he hangs the most radicial things in his apartment.... Nothing said about professional mission, obligations of wealth; cool, objective to the point of dullness, sceptical, without illusions, avaricious, he understand only his merchandise, for everything else - including the fields of philosophy, ethics, arts - for all culture, there are specialists who determine the fashion, which is then accepted at face value. Even the formal revolutionaries and 'wanderers into the void' do fairly well, for, underneath, they are related to those gentlemen, and have, despite all their apparent discrepancies, the same indifferent, arrogant view of life.

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