Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Learning to learn

Haven't had a quote from Mr V for a while, so here goes:

There is this thing calle the university, and everybody goes there now. And there are these things called teachers who make students read this book with good ideas or that book with good ideas until that's where we get our ideas. We don't think them; we read them in books.
Kurt Vonnegut

Of course, John Stuart Mill was warning of this a hundred plus years ago. And even before him, I suppose, Rousseau was saying the same thing. Plus ca change.

But it's an interesting time. Learning is changing. Young people are changing. They don't learn in the way we learned. We haven't come to terms with that yet. We just assume they are wrong because they are not approaching learning in the same way we did. But experts all the way back through Mill to Rousseau have been telling us that our way is wrong anyway, so maybe we should cut the kids some slack and let them learn in their own way?

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