Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Small world

A few weeks ago I mentioned going to Tate Modern in London and coming across a painting I'd never seen there before which I thought was stunning. It was by Meredith Frampton, entitled Portrait of a Young Woman. I was captivated by the expression of this woman, at once haughty and knowing. She was, I suggested, someone who ought to have a story written about her.

I haven't written the story yet - too much reading, not enough writing, that's been the pattern this year so far - but yesterday we went into Hull, just down the road from here, for the day. There, in the Ferens Art Gallery, I came across another painting by Frampton of this woman, called A Game of Patience. I spotted her immediately, the same suave expression. Her name, apparently, was Margaret Austin-Jones, but a quick google has unearthed nothing particularly interesting about her.

But it seems a remarkable coincidence that I should be so taken by the Tate painting of this woman, only to find that there is another one in my local art gallery.

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