Monday, July 06, 2009

Pina Bausch 1940-2009

I've only just discovered that Pina Bausch has died. It happened last week when I was away at a conference and out of touch with the news.

I know nothing about dance, but I've always been completely mesmerised by Pina Bausch, going back more than 25 years to when I first saw her on Channel 4, I think with Cafe Muller, which I wrote about on here only a few weeks ago. Her Wuppertal Dance Theatre were in Britain last year and I was desperate to get tickets but they sold out. I regret that even more now.

Bausch explored those areas of disconnection which so interest me, but despite the alienation she projected there still remained beneath a strong element of humanity. You believe she cared about people. I hope Channel 4 will repeat some of those performances from the eighties as a tribute to her.

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