Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maurice Sendak

According to The Guardian, Parents who think the new film of Maurice Sendak's picture book Where the Wild Things Are is too frightening for children have been told by the author they can "go to hell."

Good on him. Well done for speaking out against the legion of well-meaning numbskulls who, in fearing that their children are unable to distinguish between fiction and fact are actually demonstrating symptoms of that very malaise themselves. Well done for speaking out against this constant drive to smother children in niceness and refuse to expose them to anything that might be construed as difficult. Well done for refusing to employ schmaltz in his work. Well done for being Maurice Sendak.


Mark said...

I saw the first sentence in my Google Reader and thought, "Good for him" and was wondering whether you were going to condemn him or not.

Tom Conoboy said...

Ha! Great minds think alike and all that.

I do like a curmudgeonly author. Philip Pullman is another one.