Sunday, January 10, 2010

Profile of McCarthy

There have been a few profiles of McCarthy in the British press in the past couple of weeks, to coincide with the British launch of the film of The Road. Most of them have just been the usual cuttings jobs, but this one from today's Sunday Times is quite interesting.

I also rather like one of the little 'further information' sidebars at the bottom, which takes you to further information about people/things mentioned in the article:

See full profile:
1.Cormac McCarthy
2.The Road
3.Annie DeLisle
4.William Faulkner

God, at number five, somehow seems quite Cormackian...

But I'm distinctly unimpressed that not a single cinema in my area is showing The Road.


Reader2 said...

I share your distiction of being unimpressed with limited viewing opportunities of The Road. Perhaps some of those philosophical reasons can be found in Marilynne Robinson's newest book of nonfiction titled Absence of Mind due to be released in the spring from Yale Press.

Tom Conoboy said...

Thanks for this. I'll look out for the book.

Reader2 said...

An interview appears near the end of this recent episode on The Daily Showwith John Stewart