Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tim Powers

Alison Flood has a book blog entry in The Guardian today about Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates. I read this, and quite a lot of Tim Powers, quite a few years ago, but I haven't come across him in a long, long time. Reading Alison's review brought back to me just how good those books are.

Powers is a fantasy writer - not silly elves and the like, but gut-renching, terrifying stuff. His best book, On Stranger Tides, includes, I seem to recall, Byron and Shelley hamming it up in Venice, and a lamia and various man-eating monsters. It is so relentlessly inventive in its descriptions of terror the reader is just swept along by it. Terrific stuff. I don't recall seeing his books in the bookshops for a long time now, but if you want some escapist fun he's definitely worth a read.


Philip Horowitz said...

The book you refer to is "Stress of her Regards". Powers has written many wonderful books but, as you say, they are not in the shops - though not hard to find and most are in print, at least. Disney has optioned "On Stranger Tides", which is about pirates, and I hope this brings his work back into the prominence it deserves.

Tom Conoboy said...

Ah yes, you're quite right. On Stranger Tides is the zombie pirate one.