Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Nietzsche perceives a gnostic modernity

Why Atheism nowadays? "The father" in God is thoroughly refuted; equally so "the judge," "the rewarder." Also his "free will": he does not hear - and even if he did, he would not know how to help. The worst is that he seems incapable of communicating himself clearly; is he uncertain? - This is what I have made out (by questioning and listening at a variety of conversations) to be the cause of the decline of European theism; it appears to me that though the religious instinct is in vigorous growth, - it rejects the theistic satisfaction with profound distrust.
Beyond Good and Evil

It is interesting that Nietzsche's prognostication from the vigorous growth of religiosity in a secular environment is a move towards atheism. It wasn't so throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and, despite the rise of the radical atheists like Dawkins and Hitchens, it isn't the case in this century. Which is a problem.

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