Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The art of the put-down

On my first day in San Francisco, I was amazed by how quickly the weather changes from beautiful sunshine to torrential rain and back again. We have changeable weather in the UK, but not this fast.

Anyway, so taken was I with one particular downpour, which was pounding the pavement with relish, I took a photo. As I did, a local couple, cocooned in anoraks and hunched against the rain, walked past. The woman, without turning to the man, said: "They all's photographing it... They all's tourists."


Ken Hannahs said...

I can't help but saddling the voice of Golem on the woman who exacted the put-down. I don't know why. Maybe Prada was precious to her? Anyway, I hope you had a good trip across the pond.

boxofficegirl said...

Very good, did you manage to get a response in and how was your trip?

Tom Conoboy said...

Thanks both.

Ken, I think she was simply amazed that I would take a picture of something as mundane as rain.

And Tracey, I didn't respond because, to be honest, she was right...

The trip was excellent thanks. Weather was very good and San Francisco is a lovely place.

The Golden Gate Bridge isn't a patch on the Humber Bridge though, I have to say.