Sunday, June 20, 2010

Come Down Jehovah

Saw Martin Simpson again yesterday, for about the fourth or fifth time this year (and who knows how many times overall). While I didn't think his voice was at its best this time, he sang a cracking version of Come Down Jehovah.

This song was written by Chris Wood, who describes it as an 'atheist spiritual'. It's a fine piece of work. Heaven and hell, it tells us, are immanent realities in this rather wonderful place called life.

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foxofbama said...

David Byrne of Talking Heads is a fan of Elder Babb and the Madison Bumblebees, sometimes called the Sons of Thunder or McCullough Something.
You can google up Byrnes tribute to them and some great pictures to boot.
They were a hit at New Orleans Jazz Festival in 2007 and I heard them a few weeks later in Birmingham, Alabama; about half mile from the 16th Street Baptist church made famous by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bull Connor.
So checkout Elder Babb; a possbile antidote to my the critic James Wood; whose work I admire.