Friday, October 08, 2010

Roy Hattersley

Went to a talk by former Labour deputy leader Roy Hattersley last night, and was extremely impressed. For 35 minutes he stood and talked eloquently on David Lloyd George, without notes of any sort, rattling through a fascinating history of the man in a wonderfully warm and engaging manner. The depth of his knowledge is remarkable, but so too is his ability to put it across in such an easy and engaging way. In the past I've given talks without notes, but never on a subject that required such detailed knowledge. I've always been able to just waffle for a bit if I lose my place and wait to recover it again. There was none of that with Roy. He just got up and rattled out his talk.

He then took half an hour of questions, and again the depth of his knowledge shone through. When I come to do a viva defence of my PhD, I know who I want to model myself on. If I can project such erudition and eloquence it'll be a cakewalk...

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