Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Game of Patience

I've written about this before, but I'm doing so again because there's a better image of it on the Yorkshire's Favourite Paintings website. This is Meredith Frampton's painting, A Game of Patience, in the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, my local centre of culture. I adore this painting.

I saw another painting of the same woman, Margaret Austin-Jones, by the same artist in Tate Modern a couple of years ago and thought it was simply amazing. Then, not long later, on a trip into Hull I was astonished to find this one.

It is such an enigmatic painting. She is playing patience, and yet she is gazing fixedly at something to her right. Outside, life goes on, giving the impression of her isolated in her own bubble, alone and unconnected. She is very beautiful and there is something mesmerising about her.

The painting is one of a hundred across various art collections in Yorkshire which have been selected for a competition to see which is Yorkshire's overall favourite. The illustration on the website is very good quality and it allows you to inspect it in close-up. You don't get all of the beauty of Frampton's wonderfully smooth brushwork, but you get a good impression of it.

A lovely painting.

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