Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our split personalities

I was going to include this in my review of The Member of the Wedding below, but it didn't quite fit in. F. Jasmine has been arguind with Berenice, but Berenice has just done a kind deed for her. She is conflicted:

She would have liked for her expression to be split into two parts, so that one eye stared at Berenice in an accusing way, and the other eye thanked her with a grateful look. But the human face does not divide like this, and the two expressions cancelled out each other.

"Cheer up," said Berenice.

Burns talked of the great gift he would like the giftie to give us: "to see ourselves as others see us". In a sense, this is the inverse: for people to see us as we see ourselves.

Oh, wid the giftie no gie us that wee gift as well?

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