Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Call for submissions

I received an email with this call for submissions so I'm passing it on, in case any of my creative writing readers have anything suitable:
PageTurners, an Indian publisher, is looking for short stories, poetry, and flash fiction for their new anthology, “Across the Ages.”

PageTurners was originally a collaboration between SIP and Penguin India. Recently, they have published their own anthology, The Traversal of Lines, in order to raise money for The Gosports Foundation. “Across the Ages” is the second book in the series, and focuses on theme of cross-generational literature.

To submit simply upload your story onto ReadWave and include the hashtag #AcrossTheAges.

Please be sure to read through the submission guidelines below before submitting:

1. All submissions must be on the topic of ‘age’ – this may be what it is like to be the age you are now, what it was like to be another age, how you perceive another age group or how your perspective has changed on an experience you had at another time of your life.
2. Your submission must be under 2000 words.
3. All submissions must be the writer’s own work and available to be published in the anthology.
4. Your submission cannot be part of a larger work – all pieces must stand alone and carry their full meaning by themselves.
5. The submission deadline is 1st May.

More info here:

Good luck if you enter!

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