Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is this?

Saw this in an antique shop in Kentucky, and I think it might be the most unappealing thing I've ever seen. It seems to be a squirrel with a baby's face. Anyone know what it is? And, more to the point, why?


Jim H. said...

It's an "O, Lucky Man" action figure!

Tom Conoboy said...

what, the Lindsay Anderson film?

Jim H. said...

Yes, of course. Malcolm MacDowell's character goes into some weird research facility in the British country side and finds a man in a bed trembling. He pulls back the sheets and sees that the man has the body of a sheet.

I assumed you'd seen it. 'Cause once you've seen it, you never forget it.

Jim H. said...

sheep. Body of a sheep.

Tom Conoboy said...

Ha! Yes, I presumed you didn't mean body of a sheet, but wasn't sure what you meant.

I thought I had seen the film, but looking at a summary of it on IMDB, it doesn't ring any bells at all. I may be thinking of Unwin, Wittering and Zygo.

This thing is definitely a squirrel's body with a baby's face. It's pretty repulsive, I have to say.