Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Google blogger

Are Google trying to kill Blogger?

Basically, it seems to be getting clunkier by the month. They've already killed off Google Reader, which was one of the most useful things on the net as far as I was concerned. And Blogger is becoming tiresome to use.

For ages now, I've had to put my own HTML formatting in for line or paragraph breaks, otherwise everything appears in a continuous sprawl of words. Now, I'm having to insert my own HTML to embed photos in the text. Before, I could just say whether I wanted it aligned left, right or middle. Now it defaults to middle, which looks ugly and clumsy, so I have to go in and manually adjust the HTML to get it the way I want. Isn't the point of product refinement that they get gradually better, not progressively worse?

I'm thinking about moving onto another platform. I want to change the name of the blog anyway, away from Tom Conoboy, which is my creative writing pen-name. When I started writing this blog, it was purely devoted to my creative writing, but now it's pretty much entirely devoted to my reading and criticism, so I want to reflect that.

Anyone any recommendations for other blog hosts? And is it possible to transfer existing material from here to a new host?

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