Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing has died. I haven't read enough of her fiction. I was put off when I was young because it was being taught in my English class as propaganda and I reacted against it, but there is a true humanity to her writing which is intense and impressive. I intend to read more of her work.


Jim H. said...

Propaganda for what?

I've never had (found) the opportunity to read her. Now, with her passing, I feel I should at least familiarize.

Tom Conoboy said...

Hey Jim

This was the early 80s when feminism was in full flight and very aggressive. Some of Lessing's earlier work was feminist in stance and my lecturer was strident (overly so, in my estimation, making more of the novels than was really in them) in prosecuting the feminist case. I reacted against it. It's a shame, because she's a fine writer. I reviewed one of her books on here:

She addresses really interesting questions, and in original ways. And she appears to have shifted in style and thought over the years as well, rather than getting fossilised in the same style.