Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hornsea, One Day

Brumous sky over Hornsea beach, low and heavy, dark and dreich.
Rock in the cliff face soft as soap: nothing is forever.
Beneath us sand dense as rock,
turning black as it extends into the distance,
grooved by the tide.

Heavy all around us, this air, this day, this moment, this us.
And we walk.
We walk hand-in-hand in the grey of the morning;
it surrounds us, engulfs us, gives shape to our dreaming.

And the kiss, when it comes
is like no other before, like none ever to be.
In its moment none else can exist,
no beach, no sky, no sea, no you:
just us, just us. Yes.

From touch to release, from taste to breath
is the intensity of relief, of expectation fulfilled.
World’s wonder in a brief embrace,
lifetime’s sunshine in an instant:
this, my dear, is forever.

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